Bree (shibuya_girl) wrote in bemani,

Hello 8) I cleaned out my CD collection, and I'm getting rid of 2 Beatmania CDs. They're a bit more obscure than the soundtracks. Please take a look if you are interested, thanks!

Beatmania Ani-Songs Mix Teduka Osamu Mushi Remix Kagaku no Chikara
Details: Used, in excellent condition. Comes with obi.
Price: 12$

Beatmania Hiroshi Watanabe
Details: Used, in great condition. No obi.
Price: 12$

The prices include shipping to the US. I will also ship to Canada, but it will cost a couple bucks more depending on the item. I only ship to the US and Canada, sorry! I'll take Paypal, money orders, and well concealed cash at YOUR OWN RISK. Thanks for looking :)!

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